Elevate™ Aluminium by AWS

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Elevate – Commercial Framing

Innovative framing solutions for commercial and residential applications

The Elevate Aluminium Commercial Framing range includes CentreGLAZE™, FrontGLAZE™ and FaceLINE™ framing systems designed to meet the ever-growing needs of the commercial building sector.

Available in 80mm, 102mm and 150mm platforms and designed to accept single and double glazing. Elevate Aluminium framing incorporates strong, bold profiles enabling large expanses of glazing to be achieved.

Elevate – Commercial ThermalHEART™

Thermally broken commercial systems

State-of-the-art, high performance thermally broken commercial systems are a critical element for commercial building projects today.

The Elevate ThermalHEART range features thermally broken commercial aluminium framing systems. The CentreGLAZE™, FrontGLAZE™ can come with hinged, pivot and sliding door systems.

These innovative thermally broken commercial framing systems are ideal for use in commercial building applications, particularly where minimising thermal transfer is a priority.

These market leading thermally broken commercial aluminium framing systems have been designed and tested to deliver exceptional performance for the Australian commercial building sector.

Elevate – Architectural Series

Strong and stylish profiles for commercial architectural projects

The Architectural Series of high performance windows and doors is aesthetically striking and modern in design. Its shapes reflect the designer preference for clean, flush surfaces, continuous sightlines and square-edge forms.

A system developed with aesthetic unity in mind, the Architectural Series also has the strength and versatility to allow the choice of large formats and sizes increasingly favoured by architects.

Elevate – Commercial Series

Dedicated, high performance commercial window and door systems

The Commercial Series offers a selection of locally designed and tested, dedicated commercial systems. These systems were developed for use in commercial, institutional and light industrial applications.

The range offers an economical, high performance glazing solution designed to integrate seamlessly with all Elevate Aluminium framing suites. The Commercial Series includes sliding, awning, and double-hung windows along with sliding and hinged doors.


ImagInk® by Cooling Brothers

Information adapted from coolingbros.com.au/our-products/printed-glass-imagink

ImagInk® is the Cooling Brothers Glass Company large format glass printing process, capable of reproducing full colour photography, vector graphics and even textures directly onto glass with pinpoint accuracy. Containing sub micron glass particles and inorganic pigments, ceramic inks are used in printing which are lead and cadmium free, enabling superior light fastness with extreme weather performance.

The ImagInk® workflow is completely digital, eliminating current limitations within screen printing and allowing full manipulation of layer thickness and dot placement. Single or multicolour printing is possible in one or multiple passes, and custom ink options are available to simulate acid etching.

Ultra Cool – E by Cooling Brothers

Ultra Cool E is a soft coat Low-E product of superior performance with double silver coating using twin magnetron sputter technology. It is currently the best available performance in regards to high VLT (Visual Light Transmittance) and low SHGC (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient). This means it offers high neutral visual light, insulation and superior solar control. These three factors are increasingly important as thermal performance and improved energy efficiency have become critical considerations in building design, whilst maintaining uncompromising views. Essentially double glazing helps regulate the difference between internal and external temperature but it can also reduce sound transmission, therefore with Ultra Cool-E you will have a comfortable environment in more ways than one.

In addition to standard clear glass, Ultra Cool-E is available in  Green, Grey, Bronze and Dark Grey. These options offer even lower reflectance, reduced glare and improved solar control.

Viridian ThermoTech™

Information adapted from viridianglass.com/Products/thermotech-e

Maximum energy savings, superior interior comfort

Glass plays an increasingly important role as building regulations place great emphasis on saving energy in both residential and commercial designs. The selection of increased thermal insulation or glass with a lower U Value, combined with solar control, is an important decision in a building’s thermal performance.

Viridian ThermoTech™ is a range of sealed insulating glass units that offer improved insulation. ThermoTech decreases heat conduction between outside and inside, optimising energy management whilst maintaining natural light transmission.

By reducing the air-to-air heat transfer, ThermoTech provides a more stable and controllable internal environment and is suitable for all climates.

There are three spacer options within the ThermoTech range.

Metal Spacer

Two pieces of glass are separated by a metal spacer and sealed to provide a hermetically sealed air gap.

Features and benefits

Thermoplastic Spacer TPS®

TPS® is a butyl-based thermoplastic material. It is UV stable and applied directly onto the glass. This non-metallic spacer offers the ultimate heat insulation and is an effective gas and moisture barrier. The space is filled with argon gas as standard, which further enhances the performance of the unit.

Features and benefits

Super Spacer

Super Spacer comprises a Thermoset structural foam, an integrated 3A desiccant and an advanced multi-layer vapor barrier structure.

Features and benefits

Viridian Renew™

Information adapted from viridianglass.com/Products/renew

The world’s first self-cleaning glass

Viridian Renew™ represents the latest development in glass technology. The special dual action Renew coating helps keep glass free from organic dirt, saving time, money, water and detergents – all associated with window cleaning for the life of the window. Cleaning costs, especially those associated with large buildings over the life of the building are significant. Renew provides a quick payback on investment.


Renew has a specially developed, completely transparent exterior coating. This is applied during manufacture to clear glass, producing an innovative dual cleaning action. Once exposed to daylight it reacts with the UV rays to breakdown and disintegrate organic dirt deposits such as bird droppings and tree sap. Secondly, when water hits the glass, Renew has a hydrophilic quality that assists in washing dirt away without leaving spots or streaks.

Renew works continuously with dirt being washed away whenever it rains and can be combined with other glasses such as a solar control laminate


Renew can be used in almost any exterior application. It can be installed at any angle ranging from vertical or sloped roofs. It is especially useful for inaccessible windows or windows that are unsafe to clean and where dirt collects, such as roof lights.



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