With a combined 75 years experience and 18 months of negotiating and training, Next Generation Glass are proud to be affiliated with our international partner Glazing Vision UK. Together we will be bringing the highest quality and tested glass roof light products to the Australian market. Glazing Vision UK will be heading up our fabrication operations whilst Next Generation Glass will be exclusively distributing, installing and commissioning these great products.

Installing roof lights on your house or commercial building can make dramatic improvements in several key areas, whether it’s simply increasing the amount of natural daylight inside or improving ventilation in kitchens or bathrooms. For larger scale projects its possible to completely open up the entire ceiling of a room allowing a unique connection with the outdoors, or why not go one step further and make use of valuable flat roof space by installing a roof terrace. Access rooflights are ideal for this by providing physical access to the roof terrace itself but also improving natural daylight and ventilation too.

By design rooflights are most often pointed directly at the light source with little diffused or reflected light from ground cover or other buildings meaning that they can let in up to twice the amount of daylight compared to vertical windows and up to three times compared to traditional dormas.

This is particularly evident in deep buildings where facade windows will only ever have limited reach within the interior. It is very common to find that the most central rooms of a house can appear the darkest, especially with the increase in clients adding side extensions to their properties, what they gain in space they can sometimes lose in usable space because the original room is simply too dark and uncomfortable. Rooflights can be used in your design to effectively combat this.

To learn more about how Next Generation Glass can tailor a sklylight installation to your commercial or residential property needs, DOWNLOAD THE BROCHURE HERE.

Fixed rooflights

Fixed rooflights are all about bringing the outside in. Maximum daylight, minimum framework. Simple designs hiding skilled, imaginative engineering. Our engineers also work closely with architects on bespoke fixed rooflight design to help their internal and external aesthetics exceed client expectation. From pitched rooflights in unusual shapes to walk-on glass roofs, if it’s possible, we’ll make it happen.

Pyramid skylight

The pyramid skylight is a contemporary take on the traditional roof lantern. It’s a design classic, but that doesn’t mean you’re limited for choice. If you’re after something a bit more ambitious why not challenge our bespoke rooflight design team for something truly unique by reducing the pitch or commissioning oversized versions to create a focal point on your building.

Pitched rooflight

The Pitchglaze is a CE marked roof window designed to be installed in pitched tiled roof applications flush (in plane) with the tiling line. The glass specification is high performance thermally efficient low emissivity (low e) coated glass which has been heat soak tested for additional safety. Based on the current design, aperture sizes of up to 3 meters squared are achievable.

Sliding rooflight

Every sliding rooflight we make has built-in, hidden, electronic solid-state controls with battery backup, speed control and creep sealing for quiet and efficient operation. We offer several standard sliding rooflights which all provide something slightly different giving you all the options you need to open up the roof and let the outside in.

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