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Thermally broken window and door systems offer several advantages through improved thermal performance. The advantages of traditional aluminium frames are maintained – their strength, durability and stability, however, the drawback of thermal conductivity is overcome. This makes thermally broken aluminium windows an ideal solution for commercial building applications high-end residential projects are also applicable for this solution as large glazing components are often necessary.



Our range of thermally broken aluminium windows features a bespoke thermal break that drastically increases energy efficiency in heating and cooling your home.  It is made from premium grade aluminium,  finished for long-term durability and reliability in the Australian summer and winter. In the commercial applications of windows you often need large scale glazing solutions which puts a strain on energy efficiency of the building.  With SAPA Thermally broken windows you can now incorporate large areas of glazing using thermally broken aluminium window systems and still comply with the most stringent energy provisions. Our window systems helps you bring to life wonderful, comfortable environments for occupants which deliver all the aesthetic advantages big windows bring and manage the issues of thermal conductivity and insulation.



Available in a wide range of finishes such as sliding, bi-fold and hinged, our aluminium frames are hugely versatile and strong enough to easily accommodate the manufacture of complex door layouts, such as moving corner posts and bay setups, without being too heavy. Thermally broken door frames help you enjoy cooler summer days, warmer winter evenings while also create an open, spacious feeling for your home or workplace.

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