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Australian designed to deliver superior performance for the varied climates and environments around the country, our windows and doors offer enormous flexibility in design. Blending style and adaptability our range offers the ideal window and doors systems for your project. Choose from sliding, hinged and bi-fold doors, awning, casement, sliding, double hung or louvre windows. Our windows and doors can be made big, bold and beautiful to maximise natural light, fresh air and views making your home more comfortable and liveable for years to come.

Our window and doors incorporate sleek, contemporary aluminium frames and are available in a wide range of stylish colours to complement your internal and external colour schemes. Taller and wider than many others on the market, perfect to frame a special view, let the outdoors in and maximise natural light.

There is no such thing as standard when selecting our windows and doors, all our products are custom made to your exact requirements so you get the best possible solution for your project.


Elevate Aluminium Commercial Fit-out Solutions

Complying with required 5 star ESD performance ratings is can be a challenging task, especially when large expanses of glass are desired. Building transparency and lots of natural light are sought after qualities for a commercial space but with building openings comes heat transfer.

ThermalHEART™ and complementary Elevate Aluminium commercial systems can be used to frame large spans of glazing whilst still complying with energy ratings. By utilising the ThermalHEART™ aluminium range of windows and doors coupled with double glazing, we can meet a brief of wide, open, light filled spaces.

Read more about Elevate Aluminum commercial glazing systems on our Tech Innovation page, or on their website.


AWS Double Glazed Windows

Double glazed windows from Next Generation Glass can significantly reduce your building or home’s heating and cooling energy costs and noise pollution from busy streets or noisy neighbours. We can fit your home or commercial building with a product that can effectively insulate your home or building and will use 50-80% less energy to achieve the same cool house in summer and cosy home in winter than compared with low quality single paned doors and windows.


AWS Double Glazed Doors

Our Aluminium double glazed doors are often used for commercial properties and retail facilities or large homes. Next Generation Glass doors are an excellent choice for your home or building project. Custom made to suit your individual project requirements there is no such thing as standard! Our doors can be big and bold. Strong aluminium profiles allow you to achieve fantastic panel sizes, maximising views and creating excellent connection to the great outdoors. Choose from sliding, stacking, hinged or French and bi fold door systems.


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