Glazed Over: The Finer Points of Double Glazed Windows

Have you ever wondered what the big deal is about double glazed windows?

A double glazed window is, essentially, two panes of glass with an airtight space tucked in between. The panes are often the same in terms of thickness and can be created using your basic window glass, including options such as tempered glass. The purpose of the double glazed window is to provide a variety of creature comforts to your home.

People get excited about double glazed windows because they provide a variety of creature comforts to the home. Here are just a few things the double glazing your windows can accomplish:

Save on Heating and Cooling

The airtight gap in between the two panes does a great job of filtering out excess heat or cold air. The design presents the icy or muggy air to sneak its way indoors, effectively reducing your heating and cooling costs.

Enjoy Greater Security

Will a double glazed window keep the criminals out if they really want to break in? Of course not, but the effort to achieve their mission will be twice as difficult. The odds are good that, rather than trying to break through double the window, the criminals might move onto a home with an easier point of entry.

Reduce the Sounds of Outdoor Traffic

Do you live in a high traffic area with dogs barking, children playing and cars honking? You might be surprised at what that extra gap of air between the two panes can accomplish in terms of noise reduction. Double glazed windows provide a quieter environment and as a result, a more luxurious feel to your home.

These are just a few of the benefits double glazed windows have to offer. If you want to learn more, talk to one of our specialists about what double glazed windows can do to increase the comfort level in your home.

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