Glass splashback solutions

Glass splashbacks offer a surface that is durable, beautiful, colourful and easy to clean. Next Generation Glass splashbacks are safe, affordable and have a reflective nature that creates the perception of depth, light and space in your kitchen, bathroom, laundry or office.

Next Generation Glass can custom design beautiful splashbacks in any shape or size, with a huge variety of colours to choose from. Our experienced site surveyor has a talent for style and colour and can consult on colour and glass product options to suit your kitchen or bathroom.

Made from heat-tempered, toughened glass, Next Generation Glass splashbacks are heat and scratch resistant and suitable for installation behind cooking surfaces and workspaces, underneath benches and even as unique bench tops.

Give new life to your home with a beautifully designed and installed glass splashback. “Wow, what’s new?” Your friends will be impressed with the improved style and sophistication of your home. You can decide whether or not to tell them it all comes down to a simple and affordable custom designed glass splashback installation from Next Generation Glass.

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