What Is Double Glazing?

Sealed unit double-glazing refers to 2 sheets of glass separated by a spacer bar. The space is filled with desiccant (a substance that absorbs water) and completely sealed around the perimeter. The still air inside the sealed unit creates the insulation break while the desiccant prevents fogging from occurring inside the unit.

Why Double Glazing? Will it be worth the investment?

Double-glazing is a worthwhile investment to any home; you can reduce your energy bills as well as reduce outside noise entering your home.

CSIRO tests show that Next Generation Glass double glazed windows and doors have sound-absorbing capability to cut outside loudness by greater than 75%.

It is estimated that a building fitted with Next Generation Glass double glazed windows and doors will use 50-80% less energy to achieve the same cool house in summer and cosy home in winter than compared with low quality single paned doors and windows. Lower energy use equates to reduced energy bills for the building owner.

Live smarter and allow Next Generation Glass double glazed doors and windows to do more than half the work for you, for no ongoing cost. So is double-glazing worth the investment? Definitely!

Are double glazed windows available in any style?

There are very few limitations when using double glazed windows, in most cases Next Generation Glass can create the same style as aluminium or timber systems. Next Generation Glass also has its own innovative designs, which are constantly being updated. The popular styles of casement, awning, tilt and turn, fixed and sliders are all available using our European-style systems.

What type of glass is Energy efficient?

Energy efficient windows and doors are sealed double glazed units of glass with frames that ensure airtight closure due to superior gaskets, hardware and craftsmanship. Combined with a low conductive frame (e.g. uPVC) you will ensure high comfort levels with reduced heat loss in winter and less heat gain in summer.

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