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Two panes are better than one. This is true when comparing a sealed, double-glazed unit to a single pane of glass used in windows and doors. Double glazed windows and doors from Next Generation Glass can significantly reduce your building or home’s heating and cooling energy costs and noise pollution from busy streets or noisy neighbours. How? It’s the space between the panes that makes all the difference. You can trust the experience and expertise of the team at Next Generation Glass to guide you in making smart decisions about the right glass for your building.

Thermally superior

Double glazed glass insulates a building passively, without any energy, all year long, for free.

Buildings lose precious heat in the winter and let in unwanted heat in the summer. A building’s weakest thermal link is its windows and doors, attributing to around 49% of a building’s heat loss in winter and up to 87% of a building’s heat gain in summer. Far too much energy and money is spent trying to balance out that transfer of heat. Next Generation Glass can fit your home or commercial building with a product that will effectively insulate your doors and windows – sealed units of double glazed glass, ready to work for you all year long, for free.

New homes are required to meet a strict 6 Star Energy rating to be given a Certificate of Design Compliance. This rating is all about the home’s thermal efficiency and windows and doors are the key culprits when it comes to unwanted heat transfer. Extraneous alterations can be made to a building’s design, added awnings and additional brickwork for example, but why wouldn’t you fix the problem at its source? The sun heats up windowpanes in summer that in turn heats the inside of the house. In winter the opposite takes place, indoor heaters heat up a home’s windowpanes and the heat is transferred to the outside environment. Yes, you are effectively paying to heat your neighbourhood.

A sealed unit of double glazed glass prevents this unwanted transfer of heat. Next Generation Glass panels have been built with ‘gap’ of 16 – 20mm between the two glass panes. This precise gap is designed to deliver the most efficient insulation possible. If the gap is too close, the heat is easily transferred between the panes. If the gap is too wide, internal convection disrupts the insulating effectiveness.

Reduced energy costs

How it works is simple, what’s hard to understand is why we would choose to combat cold winters and sweltering summers with expensive to run heating and cooling units that must complete against thermally inefficient doors and windows. Next Generation Glass seeks to rectify this providing superior quality products and significant ongoing savings to one satisfied customer at a time.

It is estimated that a building fitted with Next Generation Glass double glazed windows and doors will use 50-80% less energy to achieve the same cool house in summer and cosy home in winter than compared with low quality single paned doors and windows. Lower energy use equates to reduced energy bills and a reduced carbon footprint for the building owner. Live smarter and allow Next Generation Glass double glazed doors and windows to do more than half the work for you, for no ongoing cost.

Effective noise reduction

It’s not only heat that is transferred by windows and doors; noise is too. Noise pollution can have a number of negative effects on your quality of life so sleep easier and enjoy the tranquility of Next Generation Glass acoustically measured double glazed windows and doors.

At first glance Next Generation Glass soundproof double glazed windows look like any other stylish window product you may choose for your home or office, however they are actually the result of years of laboratory and field tests in ‘noise reduction’.

According to the Australian Window Association “sound insulation measurements must be on the total window system and not just the glazing”. We agree, so that’s exactly how Next Generation Glass double glazed windows and doors are tested.

CSIRO tests show that Next Generation Glass double glazed windows and doors have sound-absorbing capability to cut loudness by greater than 75%. Noise reduction rates will vary when these panels are installed onsite due to various environmental factors such as the material used for wall and ceiling insulation and even the orientation of the building.

Pleasingly priced

Double glazed windows don’t have to mean double the price. You can have all of the thermal and noise reducing benefits of double glazed windows for only a small amount more than single glazed windows and doors. Typically, when ordering direct from Next Generation Glass, double-glazed windows and doors will only cost 10-15% percent more than single glazed panes. The benefits of double glazed windows and doors to reduce a building’s heating energy costs will see smart building and home owners saving money from the day their double glazed windows and doors are installed. These savings are enjoyed every summer and every winter for the lifetime of the building!

Next Generation Glass can achieve this price advantage because it fabricates its custom frames to suit double glazed glass panes. There is no double measuring, redesigning or wasted materials or time. Next Generation Glass have double-glazing down to a fine art, that’s why it’s in the name, Next Generation Glass and Double Glazing.

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