9 Fast Facts about Double-Glazing

What is a double-glazed window? No, it’s not a window crowned with a sugary topping like some popular pastries. Double-glazing is a concept in window panel construction that makes use of the thermal benefits of an air layer sealed between two glass layers. The principle that this air “buffer” will reduce the amount of heat transfer, both in and out of your home. It’s your secret weapon to lower heating and cooling energy costs. If you are still curious about double-glazing, here are 9 fast facts:

1. History

Although not as sophisticated as today’s products, double-glazing, in early forms, has been used in some parts of the world since 1870. For example, some homes in Scotland, built in the early 1870s have double glazed windows, but it is merely another window puttied into the frame rather than the fused and sealed product used in modern windows.
C.D. Haven created the forerunner for the modern double-glazed window in the US around 1930. Several issues arose during this time, not the least of which was the cost of producing two sheets of glass of uniform thickness and absolutely flat. Add to that a World War and you have a 22-year gap between his product conception and market availability.

2. Reduced Energy Costs

The majority of your home’s heat gain in summer and heat loss in winter is through its windows. Single-glazed windows represent a home’s weakest thermal link and double-glazing is an obvious remedy. Once installed, a double-glazed window will passively reduce heat gain in summer and heat loss in winter, year in year out, and require no energy to do so. Windows’ thermal performance is tested and measured so of course remember consider a window’s thermal rating. Windows are given a U-value, which is a measurement of the rate of heat transfer. The lower the U-rating, the more resistant to heat transfer a window is and the better it helps to lower your energy costs.

3. Noise Reduction

How often have you wished you could turn down the street noise or your neighbour’s stereo system? Perhaps you like things a little loud in your home, but would rather not share with the entire block? Double-glazed windows can help in this respect. The air (or Argon gas) barrier between the two panes of glass acts as a natural sound barrier, keeping your television or stereo more private and eliminating significant noise from your neighbourhood.

4. Installation Costs

This is where the discussion can get a bit tricky, as cost of installation will depend a great deal on your location and your particular home composition. Generally speaking, you can expect to pay approximately 25% more than you would for average single paned windows. However, if you can speak to Next Generation Glass about windows for your new home then frames for double-glazed windows can be fabricated to suit and the additional will only be 10% to 15% more than single-glazed windows. A small investment now for a lifetime of savings in energy costs.

5. Investment

Can double-glazed windows increase your property value? This is another question that requires some discernment. If you are remodelling a historic home, you could actually damage your resale value with the installation of any modern fixture. For newer home remodelling or construction, however, double-glazed windows are a wise investment.

6. Finding a Qualified Contractor

Are you interested in finding a double-glazed windows Perth professional? There are several to choose from, and as with any type of construction, you need to exercise caution in choosing your professional. Look for someone with a good reputation in the field as well as a long history in the area.

7. Types of Windows

You will be happy to know that if you choose double glazed windows, you will have several different options to choose from. Do you prefer tilt-in windows for easy cleaning? Perhaps your home architecture demands awning style windows. In either case, you should be able to protect the aesthetics of your home while benefitting from the superior insulation double-glazed windows provide.

8. Example Composition

What materials can you expect to find in double glazed windows? Perth professional web sites provide more details, but briefly, you can expect:
• uPVC frame construction
• Steel reinforced
• Welded corners
• Double weather sealed
• Internally beaded

9. Warranty

Warranties may vary, but in general, you can expect a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. If your windows are sub-contractor installed, there may be an additional warranty on the work itself, but that will be up to the individual company.

If you would like to know more about installing double-glazed windows in your home then speak to Steve at Next Generation Glass for friendly, expert advice.

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